Refrigerant Contaminant Control
ASHRAE Technical Committee 3.3

Meeting Documents

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RP-1665 (2014) Reactivity of R-40 with Refrigerant System Materials
RP-1641 (2015) Effect of Unsaturated Fluorocarbon Contaminants on the Reliability and Performance of HVAC&R Equipment 
RP-1495 (2013) Effect of Lubricant on Vapor-Liquid Moisture Distribution
RP-1240 (2005) Method-of-Test for Identification and Quantification of Organic Acids on Desiccants so as to Determine Refrigeration System Chemical Condition
RP-1239 (2005) Distribution of Water between Vapor and Liquid Phases of Refrigerants
RP-1028 (2003) Test Method for Organic Acid Removal by Adsorbents Used in Liquid Line Filter Driers  
RP-923 (2000) Water Solubility and Clathrate Hydrates in HFC Refrigerants and Refrigerant Blends
RP-867 (1998) Equilibrium Water Capacity of Desiccants in Mixtures of HFC Refrigerants and Appropriate Lubricants (Co-sponsored with TC 3.2)
RP-793 (1998) Test Method for Inorganic Acid Capacity of Desiccants used in Liquid Line Filter Driers 
RP-602 (1992) Moisture Solubility in Refrigerant 123 and Refrigerant 134a


Presentations from TC sponsored seminars can be downloaded here, if available.